Feb 052020
Buddhas in Bali

29.November-5.February, 2020 [A prescript about photography: I felt very uncomfortable taking photos of people, as if zooifying their daily lives, and I was also uncertain about taking photos of spiritual acts and objects. Also … many of my photos were taken from the back of a motorcycle. My fastest camera being far slower than my perception, I often wished to have the implants of Greg Egan’s journalists of the future. To see the images larger, […read the rest]

Jun 152019

20 Years After Seattle: Call for Reflections by participants in N30 WTO manifestation.

Nov 282018

Let’s just be perfectly clear exactly what is going on. I am crossing town, via two buses, in weather below freezing, for a bunch of kale, a chunk of Parmesan, and a bag of flour. While I’m there I’ll have a slice of pizza. Yes, kale is hard to find in Berlin, and it’s unequivocally the best pizza in town, but really? In the last two weeks I have sampled the state of the art […read the rest]

Jun 022018
Technology View mid-2018

In 2018 you can build your own website in 5 minutes, with no technical skills. You can edit video in your phone. You can do rudimentary graphic design with Powerpoint. You can run your own advertising campaigns. A slew of professions are kicked to the curb, along with their middle-class incomes and expertise. I use a professional video editing software on my computer, but I would never claim to be a video “editor”. Because I […read the rest]

Jan 042018
Data Sovereignty Movement

They were wearing [mostly] black. After 10 minutes in the room I asked myself “is this the new left?” I was pretty sure they wouldn’t agree with that term, but they were talking about dignity, privacy, human rights, sovereignty, poverty, democracy, security, marginalised communities, accessibility. The password for the wifi was “itstartshere”. I liked them. They had a lot more skills and a lot less ideology that the Old Left. It was a conference in […read the rest]

Dec 212017
Syntax of Power

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Nov 132017

“I worked as an art director inadvertising for 29 years. First as a consultant and then for more than 10 years in Sennheiser. On my 10 years anniversary, they gave me candlesticks as a present. This was too much. I had saved a lot of holidays, so I used them to go study ice cream in Italy and then I quite and opened Favvo Glass. I used to have sleep problems and pain in my body in my back, arms. Now I’m on my feet all day, but the physical pain is gone.”

Sep 252017
John Long

I had written my dissertation about this seeming convergence of movements. Everyone thought I was completely crazy. I didn’t think it would happen so soon. None of us realized in advance what Seattle would be. No one knew we would make history that day. But one my students, John Long, walked into my office and said ‘Dr. Starr, we have to go to Seattle.’ I said ‘I can’t go there! I have to teach classes!’. […read the rest]