Jul 212009

…The German government’s “official submission” to the Oscars… / “official story” of this period. On general principle, it’s probably not a good idea to go see movies generously funded by the state purporting to tell the history of anarchists. But it was a film festival…  (A friend has pointed out that since the German film industry is so small, almost all films receive some funding from the government.) But Badder-Meinhof Complex was the police name […read the rest]

Jul 212008

My overview of the literature Key points to keep in mind about social movements there is considerable debate about how to define them. it’s not always a problem. where it does become a problem of course is when you are not sure you’ve got ahold of one or not. Verta Taylor’s 1996 claim that women’s post-partum self-help groups are a social movement is at the core of the controversy, and she waded in there quite […read the rest]

Jun 242006

J. K. Gibson-Graham, A Postcapitalist Politics. 2006: U Minnesota. This book finds a new way of thinking about and working on economic development based on a critique of “capitalocentrism”, a sophisticated and useful concatenation of theories of resistance, and a surprisingly practical approach. The critique emphasizes that “capitalocentrism” is endemic to both neoliberal and left economic discourse. Capitalocentrism privileges “commodification (marketization), the concentration and centralization of capital, capitalist expansion (capital accumulation), labor-saving technological change”. It […read the rest]

May 052005

Last weekend’s otherwise visionary annual Denver Pan African Arts Society Film Festival included a pre-release screening of Crash, honoring actor and producer Don Cheadle for his recent film, Hotel Rwanda. Crash is an important film to understand. Cheadle argued that he likes the film because it shows people to be imperfect and human. In a lightweight version of Tarantino’s charming intervention, Crash makes us hate the heroes and love the villains — at least for […read the rest]

Jun 252000

Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System that Shapes their Lives (2000: Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham) by Jeff Schmidt, a physicist and former editor for Physics Today. In the first months of graduate school at UCSB, Professor Tom Scheff told me that i needed to write down who I was “because you’re going to lose her and you may want her back some day.” I heeded that advice. I also […read the rest]