May 162014
Guide to owning a website

Ok people this is like knowing about your bank account. It’s time to learn. You need to keep track of lots of different usernames and passwords. This is an introduction to url, hosting, wordpress, and coding, so you know what’s what.

Aug 062012

Our kickstarter campaign to pre-launch Underground Restaurant ran from 7 July to 6 August, 2012. We reached our goal of $3500 and surpassed it by over $200. We’re thrilled. Here’s a brief and dry report on what we did and what we learned. We spent a lot of time preparing the text and video for the kickstarter. We didn’t think too much about how diverse our various audiences were be and how we would message […read the rest]

Aug 012012

For a long time blogs were seen as vain, and/or as drivel. That’s over. Now blogs are driving and interpreting the news. They are also a way to get your ideas out there… before you’ve finished the book…  while your article is still months down the review queue …  without having to get anybody to agree that they’re publishable. It’s also a way to get ideas out that are too small (or too big) for […read the rest]

Jul 302012

Here’s the not-so-pretty truth that I’m sure you already are starting to know. It’s NOT about whether your idea is new and innovative. It’s about how you communicate it, 2.1 how it looks, and 2.2 how it makes people feel Now about #1, this is not just about the internet and social media etc. In the social sciences we do not have a functioning cumulative resource. Physics, math, and computer sciences have The Archive, where […read the rest]

Jul 222012

We’re learning to communicate more effectively, with messages focused on getting people to take action. But not every communication that helps get your message out is an action message: Blog posts are for people who like to read. They should be full of personal story, examples, and good data. When someone finishes a blog post they should be entertained, informed, and charmed. Online magazines provide news and interpretation. When you submit writing to an online […read the rest]

Jul 222012

As we dove into promotion of Underground Restaurant, we immediately realized that we had made a terrible mistake. We had never written a book proposal, and that means we had written the book and designed a marketing strategy without having asked ourselves questions about market niche, audience, etc. When we went to promote it became obvious that we had written it for a very small audience, people who already knew and loved our underground restaurant, […read the rest]

Jul 172012

I was initially attracted to twitter and joined up years ago because I like to write and, as Audrey Lorde says, “poetry is economical”. But I found that 140 characters is often not enough, so I end up compressing my writing beyond the grace of its natural poetic limits. And the interface was next to useless. When I got involved with promoting Underground Restaurant, it was time to learn about online media, tweets, pins, and […read the rest]