Dec 212017
Syntax of Power

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Jun 062012
How a dinner party can change the economy ... Underground Restaurant: Local Food, Artisan Economics, Creative Political Culture

Table of Contents An Underground Restaurant:  Local Food, Artisan Economics, and Creative Political Culture 1 Not a potluck: is it food? is it performance art? is it democracy? (Introduction) 2 Inviting 200 people to dinner (The Story of The Viand, our underground restaurant) 3 The feast that creates culture (How to change the economy) 4 From commodity to community (Artisan economics) 5 Dining with strangers (The Underground Restaurant Movement) 6 From the all-chefs to shop-cook-eat, […read the rest]

Sep 252011
Out of Order: The Political Violence of Social Control in the Era of Global Governance

Amory Starr Luis A. Fernandez Christian Scholl 2011: New York University Press Don’t mind the press’ stupid title, the proper one is: Out of Order: The Political Violence of Social Control in the Era of Global Governance New York University Press ISBN: 9780814741009 September 2011  Recently, a wall was built in eastern Germany. Made of steel and cement blocks, topped with razor barbed wire, and reinforced with video monitors and movement sensors, this wall was […read the rest]

Jun 252005
Global Revolt: A Guide to Alterglobalization

‘A guidebook helps those who search. In a time of “infinite war”, when we confront the infinite stupidity, lies and arrogance of power, we search for those values and practices that keep us true to our dreams and aspirations for another world. This book guides us into that search, and it does it beautifully.’ Massimo De Angelis, Editor of The Commoner ‘A demystifying roadmap of the ideas and events which have shaped the movement.’ Robert […read the rest]

Jun 062004
This is What Free Trade Looks Like

documentary film by Activist Media Project, 2004. 60 minutes. this is what free trade looks like the NAFTA fraud in México, the failure of the WTO, and the case for global revolt   Designed for educational and community use as a companion film to This is What Democracy Looks Like, this is one of the first activist films to carefully explain how free trade operates. It does so from the perspective of the Mexican experience […read the rest]

Jan 252002
naming the enemy, before seattle: an autochthonous book review

naming the enemy, before seattle: an autochthonous book review WorldReview, 5:1 (2002): 14-16. other peoples’ reviews… The bulk of the research for Naming the Enemy was done between 1994 and 1998. The idea was to document that communities all over the world were facing off against multinational corporations. I hoped agreement about an enemy might help these communities join together and intended to encourage use of the term ‘anti-corporate’ to this end. Before the book […read the rest]