Nov 132017

I worked as an art director inadvertising for 29 years. First as a consultant and then for more than 10 years in Sennheiser. On my 10 years anniversary, they gave me candlesticks as a present. This was too much. I had saved a lot of holidays, so I used them to go study ice cream in Italy and then I quite and opened Favvo Glass. I used to have sleep problems and pain in my body in my back, arms. Now I’m on my feet all day, but the physical pain is gone.

Dec 122014
Why are the San Francisco street protests so robust? Interview with San Francisco Magazine

Historical evidence insists that oppression on its own does not produce social movement reaction. In places with little culture of resistance, there will be little social movement reaction to social problems, or occasional outbursts may not be sustained. San Francisco has had, regularly and recently over the last decades, a series of effective and sustained street manifestations, so there are people, organizations, networks, systems, etc. to make the next ones bigger and more robust.

Apr 132006

By Christine Petit LOUDmouth 12 Spring 2006. According to activist scholar Amory Starr, she was politicized pretty late in life. She was 20. As an urban-studies graduate student, Starr was turned on to activism through anti-racist, anti-colonialist neighborhood organizing. While continuing her activism, Starr went on to earn a Ph.D. in sociology. She currently teaches at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., and at Colorado State University. Her books include Naming the Enemy: Anti-corporate Movements Confront […read the rest]

Sep 262001

naming the “anti-“ Amory Starr confronts globalization by Michelle French Features Editor The Manitoban, 26 September 2001. Amory Starr is an activist and professor of sociology from Colorado State University. She is the author of Naming the Enemy: Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization. Amory spoke at the Mondragon on Saturday, September 8. Picture this: I’m “conducting an interview” with Amory Starr in the back of the Mondragon Bookstore and Coffee House. Besides being interrupted by a […read the rest]