Aug 052012

Last night I went to see some art, without knowing the topic in advance. And it was another theme. It was indeed frightening. (Fake smoke is amazingly moving –and versatile– with the right lighting and sound.) It seems many artists have taken it upon themselves these days to frighten viewers into action on global warming. It’s good to see artists embracing activism, and it’s good that people are taking these issues seriously. I want […read the rest]

Jan 072011

As usual there was a righteous hubbub when the terms of service changed. And as usual both the analysts and those who routinely trivialized their concerns went right on using their accounts. In truth both believed that the expression of outrage was a mix of self-satisfied geek intellectualism and effective boundary patrol by “the user community”.  This time they were wrong. Maybe they’d been wrong every time. We’ll never know. The wall posts were carefully […read the rest]