action reports

Nov 292003

hunted in miami, “the model for homeland defense” amory starr 29 November, 2003 (a shorter version was printed as “Free trade in the Americas: the very best in extrajudicial operations” The Commoner n.9.) audio report “…a sweep”, came the call, but i didn’t know what it really meant. it was just another cop word whispered by another paranoid activist. there were three landlines and twelve cell phones ringing and our internal nextels were beeping and […read the rest]

Sep 102003

Cancún, México 5th WTO Ministerial 2003 daily reports 10-14  September audio reports “Sunstroke in Cancún” Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought 33: 1, 35-6. 10 September i am in cancún méxico for the 5th wto ministerial. at today’s campesino march there was present a delegation from korea, with drums, puppets, and very forceful speakers (translated into spanish). i don’t know how many they were. they marched with about 5 thousand mexican campesinos (farmers), mostly […read the rest]

Jun 222003

j23 sacramento 2003 action report/fieldnotes amory starr three months before the cancun WTO ministerial, at which third world resistance to biotech is a huge stumbling block, the US Department of Agriculture invites ministerial delegations from 180 countries to a tightly controlled meeting with biotech companies. only 75 of the countries accept the invitation (123 of 540 invited delegations) and the EU pulls out at the last minute.  activists come from the whole west coast. there […read the rest]

Jan 312002

Report from F2 manifestations against the World Economic Forum Meetings, New York City (January 31-Feb 3, 2002) The Divas for Democracy, an affinity group including 6 Divas from Colorado and one from Queens, NY, took a week off from work and school and drove to New York City to protest the World Economic Forum (WEF). Five of us were participating in mass actions for the first time. Our organization sent affinity groups to Seattle, DC […read the rest]

Sep 292001

updates from the dcS29 crew Friday in DC: DC seems quite normal to us, we have not seen significant police or military presence at all. But we learned that the HUM-Vee’s were in the streets until just a couple of days ago and that cops have been making very threatening public statements against protesters. There is local media torpor about anti-globalization activists being terrorists. Also normal rights in jail have been suspended, such as phone […read the rest]

Apr 202001

The Manifestation Québec City, Friday & Saturday April 20 & 21, 2001 It’s a bit hard to figure out what happened in Québec City, even if you were there. Everyone does seem sure that there was a lot of tear gas. There was little to no information in the streets and the CMAQ/IndyMedia center was mysteriously non-operative during the protests, failing to post until late Saturday night. Despite the lack of information, already some are […read the rest]

Aug 142000

What happened to DAN in LA?: speculative notes I am an activist from the anti-globalization movement and am also an anti-racist activist. I spent Aug 5th – 19th in LA in and around the DAN movement as an ordinary participant, as I did in Seattle and DC. In LA, I volunteered with the Midnight Special Law Collective and attended Spokescouncil and actions with my affinity group. I worked “security” for the Q&A march, in response […read the rest]

Apr 182000

Amory on Cincinnati for the Snout, UpRoot Newsletter While the Continental Direct Action Network exhorts us to do anti-oppression organizing on local issues in lieu of mass direct actions, it is clear that we can in fact do both. We have done a lot of local organizing lately and we were able (with the aid of our financial supporters) to participate in the Cincinnati mass action. DAN-C is obsessed with a false dichotomy. We are […read the rest]

Nov 301999

Subject: urgent: report from seattle (fwd) Dear Friends, I just returned from a week in Seattle with 20 students. Members of our group were all over the city every day during the week. This letter represents our collected experiences and our collective analyses. We are concerned about massive misrepresentations in the media and ask that you please share our perspective with your friends and allies. Summary: The media seem willing to tell ANY story (including […read the rest]