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What is keto all about?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting older. As dancers we need to stay svelte, fit, and energetic. When I was locked down in Italy I got too fat for my clothes, so I did 30 days of the Keto diet. It worked. And the really surprising thing about it was that I wasn’t […]

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The Lazy List

Several of my favorite people describe themselves as lazy. I always argue this point with them. Because if it were true, they would not be my favorite people, all of whom are type A for ACTION. I was also projecting my terror.
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I recently watched a fitness coach draw graphs on the whiteboard in an effort to convince his followers of the value of self-discipline. The lines on his graphs represented “instant gratification” and “healthy practices” like[…]
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At the start of one of these tasks I no longer presume to imagine a timeline. I just start making regular visits and forays, initially 15-20 minutes long. [1] Go look at it. Then go have a cup of coffee and make some drawings. 
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Despair and Imagination

I was overwhelmed with despair, surely multi-valent. I was inconsolable, untouchable, reactive, helpless. I watched joy pass but could not reach to taste it.

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The riches of service

With my main occupation on indefinite hold, I drift from place to place, wondering if any of them are enough. I don’t need money but I am hungry for work so I offer my unskilled[…]
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