This is What Free Trade Looks Like

documentary film by Activist Media Project, 2004. 60 minutes.

this is what free trade looks like

the NAFTA fraud in México, the failure of the WTO, and the case for global revolt


Designed for educational and community use as a companion film to This is What Democracy Looks Like, this is one of the first activist films to carefully explain how free trade operates. It does so from the perspective of the Mexican experience with ten years of NAFTA. Activists and scholars authoritatively condemn free trade as a solution to poverty and discuss the impacts on farmers, workers, youth, and immigrants. Shot in Cancún, México on the occasion of the 5th WTO ministerial in September 2003, it contextualizes the growing international resistance to free trade policies. Music from the streets of Cancún. 2004. 

Available in English and Spanish.

English version

Versión en Español

represented organizations

Vía Campesina
Coordinadora Campesina Europea


Unión Nacionál de Trabajadores

Congreso Nacionál Indígena

Red Mexicana de Acción Frente al Libre Comercio

Comité de Unidad Campesina

Action Group on Erosion,Technology and Concentration

Public Citizen Global Trade Watch

México Solidarity Network

Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee, Anti-Privatization Forum

Center for Study of the Americas

Focus on the Global South

Food First

Chile Sustentable

Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, Diverse Women for Diversity

50 Years is Enough



camera jay finneburgh . doug johnson . brian jones . sabin portillo


editor brian jones


written & directed by amory starr


produced by brian jones . sabin portillo . amory starr


director of photography brian jones


translation & interpretation sylvie perez . victor sainz . josé ureño . jason wallach . rafael millan


narration leo griep-ruiz . rafael millan

subtitling jason wallach


music tlayacapan . infernal noise brigade


post-production coordinator breanna sheets


graphic design eric parthum


concept consultants jason wallach . peter rosset . aimee shreck


second editor kevin price


additional footage cancún imc . remy kachadourian . jessica lawrence . lucy boulanger & john fogarty . thienny fontaine & nathala rodriguez . jose reynes & silvia perez-vitoria . chiapas media project/promedios de comunicación comunitaria


additional editing jay finneburgh. lee buric . amory starr


additional translation . remy kachadourian . joon kim . randy leija . valerio pizzonia . maureen turnbull . alejandro valdes-rochin


post-production services . deep salt mine studios . denverevolution production group


study guide amory starr . sean maloney


dvd design kevin price . amory starr


special thanks . cancún imc rocky mountain bullhorn  krfc  . colorado imcfree speech tv . john bertucci . antonia juhasz . kgnu   david bacon . paul bame . noah wallach . sheila starr . jill dreier . don will . katie hester . flora & victor sainz . tony shawcross . vanessa & lee . oak street café . new college of california . rose, michelle & allison . indyink