New Tools: Communication fora and formats

We’re learning to communicate more effectively, with messages focused on getting people to take action.

But not every communication that helps get your message out is an action message:

Blog posts are for people who like to read. They should be full of personal story, examples, and good data. When someone finishes a blog post they should be entertained, informed, and charmed.

Online magazines provide news and interpretation. When you submit writing to an online magazine it should be a story that unfolds, providing historical context, links to important data sources, introducing readers to relevant actors and concepts, and providing a new interpretation or vision.

Emails are little briefings that are very to the point. These are the action messages. It should be very clear to the reader what you want them to do.

Twitter and status updates on facebook or are pointers shared with people in a given affinity group. The pointer links them to news, tools and connections that will empower their work.