Markthalle Neun

In a less gentrified yet part of Kreutzberg is this market described by my favourite local food blogger as “the most interesting food in Berlin”.

The large covered hall hosts an artisan food market several days a week every Thursday there’s a “night street food market”  which is a food truck scene without the trucks,  each stand vetted for interest and quality. Unlike many other informal gourmet scenes,  this one offered more product range with the mozzarella and truffle stands both offering “shots” (one bite,  served in a shot glass) for 2€ as well as small plates (máx 5€). There was American barbecue,  arepas, waffles.  The emphasis was on fresh preparation,  so was assembled after the order placed.  The mozzarella fit told me the provenance of the converged and the salt as he dressed my caprese salad.  Fish was smoked on premises,  and a whole pig had been barbecued  (and sold out in about an hour.  Beautiful focaccia (including a sweet version) was baking.

Delicious,  but what was extra  interesting was the space-making,  destination-making.  When I arrived at opening time 1700 it was possible to walk around looking at the stalls.  But 1730 all the picnic tables were occupied,  and by 1900 the aisles were impassible with long lines for almost all stalls.  No one seemed to mind,  though,  because the whole place was a cocktail party.  People are drinking beer and wine in proper glasses.

Bottles of champagne were on sale for 6€, provided with glasses.  (I’d like to know if the glassware was part of the event infrastructure or if patrons returned them to the vendors after use.)

It was absolutely a social event,  for couples and groups of all ages,  snacking and drinking,  most without a table.  It was,  however,  extraordinarily heard to photograph.