Helmut Menzel porcelain at the Berlin Make Markt

I was going in a different direction, on an arbitrary itinerary when I saw a poster for the Berlin Make Mrkt and figured out that it was monthly and this afternoon, the first Sunday of the month in Prenzlaurberg.

The market was quite small, and typical of Australian and US markets in mainly offering jewelery. There was a knifemaker, several furniture resurrecters, and some knitted lampshades.

I engaged in my usual behavior of buying rings in Berlin that are too big because it’s hot and my hands are swollen. I knew I was doing it.

Then I bought M an espresso cup from Helmut Menzel. The cup is porcelain, cut with a knife. Helmut  learned ceramics from his parents, then went to art school and worked for an artist. “I couldn’t keep my hands off this profession. I have too many ideas.”

He doesn’t have a website. htmzl@gmx.de or 0177 648 72 12.

He explained that he doesn’t try to create something that will sell. “I make what I like.”

He sells at the Berlin artisan market and at some annual artisan markets. “I don’t like selling with shops. First, they take 40% of the money. But also I need to be able to see the people, how they handle it, the questions they ask me.”

“I need to watch. Is it going in her eye?”