Mehl Stübchen Berlin

The Mehl Stübchen is a flour factory which creates flours for many specific uses. They sell to home bakers, rather than to businesses, providing advice and information to improve the quality of home baking. They also sell very good bread and pastries. They are located in the “Red Island” of Berlin at Leberstraße 28.
wpid-imag1158.jpgThe owner, Nicole, needed me to bring a translator for the interview, so thank you to Julie August for the assistance.
“Why are you doing this?”
“There’s an increasing number of people who want to bake themselves, but ther’s a very limited choice of flour in the supermarket. Even in the bio (organic) market, you can’t get much choice. Maybe a little more, but you can’t learn which one to use. We produce, sell, and teach people what to try.”
“Why were you personally drawn to do this?”
“It was not my original profession. I was working in a dentist’s office. Then for some time I didn’t find employment and I was wondering what to do. One friend was interested in starting this business, and we did it together, but now I own it alone.”
“Why do people come?”
“People appreciate that I can consult with them about baking and flour and how to achieve the results they want. Besides that, people like the flavor and recognize that it’s not only tasty, but it lasts longer.”