John Long

I had written my dissertation about this seeming convergence of movements. Everyone thought I was completely crazy. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

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The body is not a pipe

Nutrition “science” is so unreliable that it can hardly be trusted, and for this reason, I sympathize with people who resign themselves to mystery unaided

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ETH WFS 2016

1. what is economics.
thingsto track
how do we find these? history, institutions, ideology

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ETH WFS 2015 PEF v2

Outline of the lecture

Free Trade Agreements (TTIP, TTP, ALCA, NAFTA, WTO…)
Debt and austerity
Economics Toolbox: growth, commodification, privatization

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“Many fights, and many kisses” lifetime tables by MBzwo

“We try to keep the distance between the customer and the workshop as short as possible…These are objects that I want to be used. And it should be used hard. That’s what they’re made for…Buying a table takes a long time. It takes months….Most of these people are buying the last table for their life…For me it would be a success if the grandchildren still like the table.

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I am an economist who believes that popular understanding of and political power over the economy is crucial to freedom and self-determination of communities. We will be free when people have authority over the conditions which affect their lives, when we have the power to protect our ecosystems and cultures, to engage in meaningful work, to eat delicious and healthy food, and to have the physical and psychological time and space to be creative. To assert power over our economies and lives, we are engaged in social movements. I am interested in indigenous cosmologies and visions of development, sustainability and permaculture, alterglobalization, participatory democracy, good work, great food, and creativity.

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