Four years ago I met a guy in Paris who was delivering measured ingredients for 3 meals for 2 persons once a week. “Because people feel guilty that they don’t cook for their families.”

“And that they have such beautiful kitchens that they never use.”

I bought the domain feastbox.com.au. Had a few twists of my own in mind, but wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge into a food business.

In June, Hello Fresh, a startup doing the same thing (except not organic, local, or artisan) got $50M in startup funds in the U.S.

In Berlin I found the German Kochhaus chain, which does it differently. The store is full of wooden tables, each one presenting the ingredients for a dish, labelled with price per person. You buy the recipe for .50 and then collect the pre-measured ingredients for the right number of people. The meat is from local farms (I didn’t ask about the rest). You could be in and out of the store in 5 minutes if you want, or you can browse cookbooks, cooking equipment, or assemble your own meal with tidbits from various tables.

The key is getting people to cook again so they will care about what they are cooking with and appreciate the experience of making. This is another way to do it.