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Mehl Stübchen Berlin

The Home Project, Berlin

“Because we want to work with artisans”

"Because we want to work with artisans. We're designers. We like to have a process with them, starting from what they do. Each one has a handwriting. But they also have limitations, the way they were trained, usually just one material."

Sunshine, my beloved

Helmut Menzel porcelain at the Berlin Make Markt

“Is it going in her eye?”

He explained that he doesn't try to create something that will sell. "I make what I like." He sells at the Berlin artisan market and at some annual artisan markets. "I don't like selling with shops. First, they take 40% of the money. But also I need to be able to see the people, how they handle it, the questions they ask me. I need to watch. Is it going in her eye?"


Markthalle Neun


Leather Workshop, Dresden

Apfelgalerie Berlin

"Usually we are cheaper than the discounters, because there's no middleman."

Winterfeldt Market Berlin

“To hell with the market” …. visit to my hero F.E. Trainer’s sustainable world

"Composting and growing carrots is a nice start, but we need to get rid of the growth economy, make the global economic system work to meet needs, and replace capitalism with a different economic system that works for people. Most Green people are stuck at the level of compost heaps, which don't have a chance of saving us. We don't want to be a society full of compost heaps heading for disaster. Growing carrots locally is just the first step to changing the economy."

Andrew Calabrese on food and media justice

My words at launch of Alana Mann’s Power Shift

Alana has studied one of the many vibrant alternatives to this juggernaut, the movement for food sovereignty, conceived and led by La Vía Campesina. Vía Campesina is typical of contemporary social movements in its recognition of the common interests of first and third world farmers, smallholders and laborers, producers and consumers and in its recognition of the centrality of women, indigenous people and culture to forming truly liberatory alternatives.

heartbroken consumer

Today my beloved MacBook Pro fried its logic board...Why is there so much consumer choice but not what I want?...But my real question is why aren't companies somebody refurbishing the beautiful, solid old hardware chasses of these classic designs. Convert those BMWs and Mercedes to electric systems? Design lightweight guts for those beautiful PowerBooks and Communicators. If corporate design can't match vintage classics, then innovative small companies should be designing custom kits to keep these beauties on the road.

the crisis has no clothes

health: the new prison

of meat and videogames

The Impetus for and Viability of Local Food Systems