Apr 172014

This is my second project for the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, with whom I’m just thrilled to be working.

The piece is co-authored with Nick Rose, as a follow-up and expansion to a piece he wrote to introduce to Australians a policy instrument, the Local Food Act, which has been implemented recently in Ontario Canada. The original article was in The ConversationBecause of its popularity and attraction of a lively debate, we decided to provide more food for thought and action.

Our paper, “A Local Food Act for Australia – the Conversation continues: The Impetus for and Viability of Local Food Systems“, covers these points:

  1. What’s wrong with the dominant agricultural paradigm?
  2. What suggests that local food systems constitute a viable and desirable alternative? (here we discuss consumer interest and farm profitability, as well as some innovative institutions: local branding schemes, farm-to-school, food hubs, and urban agriculture)
  3. What is needed to develop local food systems? (here we discuss food policy councils, agro-ecology, peri-urban agriculture, the health connection, Local Food Acts, and Fair Trade Agreements)