things I want

There are quite a number of things that I would LOVE to be able to pay an artisan to make/fix/modify for me.

The number one item is that I have a lot of heavy rubber shoe soles on which I need new shoes built. Shoe people tend to say “I don’t work with that kind of material”.

A customized computer desk because I work in bed and the computer needs to be able to breathe.

A shelving unit that fits in my bathroom, which like every bathroom is spatially unique and weird, to hold and hide exactly the things that I need it to.

A thing that fits at the back of the kitchen sink to hide all the ugly sink accessories (sponge, brush, soap) while also facilitating their drying.

Very sexy absolutely unspillable superlightweight and streamlined portable food and drink containers with cutlery that fits into the empty food container afterward. Also with a place to keep a napkin looking pretty until lunchtime.

A folding table-like thing exactly perfect for my tiny little porch.

A really beautiful laundry bin.

A gorgeous dish drainer/dryer.

The wire part of a lampshade designed so that I can add my own fabric, jewels, transparency etc.

Interesting, functional, and light-weight door stoppers, especially for large gaps.

Lightweight shopping trolley with industrial wheels for going over curbs and multiple horizontal layers (something like drawers).

Modular kit for building ~10cm deep shelves for lightweight objects in funny spaces. Lucite!