local food and objects


2015 Global Political Economy of Food and “Creating a new Food System“, lectures for ETH World Food Systems Summer School.

2015 “Local Food’s Victorious Struggle for Hegemony” in English, and Deutsch.

2013 Underground Restaurant: Local Food, Artisan Economics, Creative Political Culture.

2010 “Is Local Food a social movement?” Cultural Studies 10.6: 479-490.

2003 “Sustaining Local Agriculture: Barriers and Opportunities to Direct Marketing between farms and restaurants in Colorado”  Agriculture & Human Values 20: 301-321 .

2006 interview by Christine Petit, “Food, the Connecting Issue” in LOUDmouth 12 Spring.

2002 “Can Industrial Agriculture Feed the World?”  lecture to Collegiate Farm Bureau, Colorado State University, 16 April.

1995-2009, The Political Economy of Food University Syllabus


Interviews with artisans, in preparation for forthcoming book on Local Objects

2008 The Local Objects Manifesto (how we could build an economy for local objects drawing on the methods of the local food movement)

2008 “Can Enchantment Save the World? (Is Alternative Consumption a Social Movement?)”, unpublished.

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