Nov 192000

Visions of a Post-Corporate Society at Parkland Institute, November 2000 I just came from the streets and it’s hard to make the transition. So help me out here with a little chant. “Disease & Starvation. Will not be cured by corporations. That’s Bullshit. Get Off it. The enemy is Profit.” Good morning. I’m very happy to be here, finally. I’m sorry to have missed the first part of the conference and the opportunities for dialogue. […read the rest]

Apr 142000
Confronting Globalization

Confronting Globalization for Communities Confronting Capitalist Globalization University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 14-16 April, 2000 14 April, 7 pm, Corwin Pavilion. Hello. I’m very happy and very honored to be here with you tonight. And, of course, I am tremendously honored to be speaking with such distinguished activists. So, thank you.   (we are winning)   On Monday as I was frantically trying to finish writing this talk in my office before leaving to […read the rest]