May 262013
Lessons of the Local Food Movement at Vivid Sydney

I was invited to speak at Design your Day Job, organized by &Company, part of Vivid Ideas 2013. 25 May 2013 Sydney Australia I’m new to Australia, and since I arrived, I’ve really hoped to become part of something like this event, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be here with you today. Although I imagined we’d all be around a long table and I’d be cooking for you. But this is cool too. My talk today […read the rest]

Oct 292012

Matthew B. Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work. 2009: Penguin Books. If the regard that many people now have for the wider ramifications of their food choices could be brought to our relationships to our own automobiles, it could sustain pockets of mindful labor… [102] This is the book I wanted to write, to try to get at the fulfilments of artisanship, and what this suggests for how we […read the rest]

Oct 042012

I’ve been a great defender of the academy as “a living archive” of ideas, some of which were supposed to have gone away due to unpopularity…Ideas kept alive and lively by impassioned scholars who can impart detail and vividness to the next generation. But I’ve also always suspected, and now want to insist, that it is also a form of social control. Suck in “the best and brightest”, absorb whatever privilege has caused them to […read the rest]

Oct 032012

We have a story that people are lazy. They’d rather watch TV. I don’t think this is true. I think the truth might be the opposite. Many science fiction stories, including The Matrix, have presented chilling visions of the human energetic body and/or the processing power of the human brain being harnessed as resources. I think we are full of energy and intelligence. The evidence is the intense way that people seem to need to […read the rest]

Aug 032012

Now that I’m on twitter i can’t always keep track of where I hear things from, but the happy outcome is that I’m getting in contact with lots of stuff I like. Yesterday I watched a bunch of videos from The Avant-Garde Diaries. These are one of the products of an arts foundation run by Mike D of The Beastie Boys. They are very short videos with artists and others who are working in spaces […read the rest]

Jun 012012

I started writing a post about graduate school a few months ago. It began “debt, deception, depression”… I’ll finish that post some day, but today I come back to it for a different reason. Three of my dear friends are currently in graduate school. One met such distress in the first semester that s/he promptly became fatigued and ill. And my closest friend in the world is about to start. I am struck by the […read the rest]

Jan 282009

I simply MUST tell you (as if anyone can tell anyone anything anyway) about a recent BREAKTHROUGH I have birthed in my work life – with help, as is usually required, but not always taken best advantage of… Long ago (like at least two years ago), the ever-vigilant B.D. and I, upon returning from our computer programming class (once MIT put its curriculum online it became possible to take computer programming classes in Burning Man […read the rest]