social movements

Jun 132014
Andrew Calabrese on food and media justice

Andrew’s comparison of the global consolidation of media with the global consolidation of food, gave me an idea! I’ve been applying the model of the local food movement to local objects. What about applying the model of the local food movement to recovering the media! Just as we’ve learned to buy direct from farmers, we need to figure out how to deliver our money directly to journalists. As food activists have innovated new economic institutions […read the rest]

Jun 052014
My words at launch of Alana Mann's Power Shift

Alana has studied one of the many vibrant alternatives to this juggernaut, the movement for food sovereignty, conceived and led by La Vía Campesina. Vía Campesina is typical of contemporary social movements in its recognition of the common interests of first and third world farmers, smallholders and laborers, producers and consumers and in its recognition of the centrality of women, indigenous people and culture to forming truly liberatory alternatives.

May 262013
Lessons of the Local Food Movement at Vivid Sydney

I was invited to speak at Design your Day Job, organized by &Company, part of Vivid Ideas 2013. 25 May 2013 Sydney Australia I’m new to Australia, and since I arrived, I’ve really hoped to become part of something like this event, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be here with you today. Although I imagined we’d all be around a long table and I’d be cooking for you. But this is cool too. My talk today […read the rest]

Jun 062012
How a dinner party can change the economy ... Underground Restaurant: Local Food, Artisan Economics, Creative Political Culture

Table of Contents An Underground Restaurant:  Local Food, Artisan Economics, and Creative Political Culture 1 Not a potluck: is it food? is it performance art? is it democracy? (Introduction) 2 Inviting 200 people to dinner (The Story of The Viand, our underground restaurant) 3 The feast that creates culture (How to change the economy) 4 From commodity to community (Artisan economics) 5 Dining with strangers (The Underground Restaurant Movement) 6 From the all-chefs to shop-cook-eat, […read the rest]

Aug 232009

Participatory democracy has been studied as an auxiliary to state processes and as an institutional and cultural part of social movements. This paper examines the use of participatory democracy as a form of organization of society. It examines three case studies: the Zapatistas (México), the Movimento Sem Terra (Brasil), and the Autonomen (Germany). This was the first paper in what was to be a larger project including the Venezuelan participatory processes and the Argentine empreses […read the rest]

Jul 212008

My overview of the literature Key points to keep in mind about social movements there is considerable debate about how to define them. it’s not always a problem. where it does become a problem of course is when you are not sure you’ve got ahold of one or not. Verta Taylor’s 1996 claim that women’s post-partum self-help groups are a social movement is at the core of the controversy, and she waded in there quite […read the rest]

Apr 222008

  4.22.08 Amory Starr Boston College Sociology Seminar Alternative Consumption Projects’ Use of Social Movement Strategies The paper I distributed is about local food as a social movement. That paper provides a model that I am wanting to apply to a different, more cutting edge arena, which is what I call “local stuff”. Both in the case of food and in the case of stuff, it seems necessary to consider the possibility that consumption can […read the rest]