Aug 132004

amory starr “Get Rid of Them All & Become a Zapatista: Autonomy in the Anti-Globalization Movement” Critical Sociology mini-conference, American Sociological Association, San Francisco, 13 August, 2004. i’m sad that Walden Bello is not here, but it’s a bit of a relief too, because i was nervous to speak alongside someone who i see as one of the best models of praxis today. the last time i saw Walden was in cancún, during the wto […read the rest]

Jun 062004
This is What Free Trade Looks Like

documentary film by Activist Media Project, 2004. 60 minutes. this is what free trade looks like the NAFTA fraud in México, the failure of the WTO, and the case for global revolt   Designed for educational and community use as a companion film to This is What Democracy Looks Like, this is one of the first activist films to carefully explain how free trade operates. It does so from the perspective of the Mexican experience […read the rest]

Jan 152004

s/r home  | issues  | authors  | 33 contents Synthesis/Regeneration 33   (Winter 2004)     Sunstroke in Cancún: WTO Can’t Take the Heat   by Amory Starr     The World Trade Organization is the cat’s meow for corporations seeking to scoop up the land, labor, natural resources, and markets of third world nations. With 146 member nations and sweeping powers to abridge their constitutions, the monster of multi-lateral trade deals efficiently eliminates pesky labor, […read the rest]

Nov 292003

hunted in miami, “the model for homeland defense” amory starr 29 November, 2003 (a shorter version was printed as “Free trade in the Americas: the very best in extrajudicial operations” The Commoner n.9.) audio report “…a sweep”, came the call, but i didn’t know what it really meant. it was just another cop word whispered by another paranoid activist. there were three landlines and twelve cell phones ringing and our internal nextels were beeping and […read the rest]

Sep 102003

Cancún, México 5th WTO Ministerial 2003 daily reports 10-14  September audio reports “Sunstroke in Cancún” Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought 33: 1, 35-6. 10 September i am in cancún méxico for the 5th wto ministerial. at today’s campesino march there was present a delegation from korea, with drums, puppets, and very forceful speakers (translated into spanish). i don’t know how many they were. they marched with about 5 thousand mexican campesinos (farmers), mostly […read the rest]

Jun 252003

this lecture is an introduction to what i call “critical globalization studies”, which reflects the work of an international group of scholars, primarily economists and historians.   there are a few premises of critical globalization studies: globalization is not the same thing as humanitarian internationalism, the process by which people sort of travel around and work together and develop sympathy for one another and build relationships and have inter-cultural experiences. we call that ‘internationalism’ and […read the rest]

Jun 222003

j23 sacramento 2003 action report/fieldnotes amory starr three months before the cancun WTO ministerial, at which third world resistance to biotech is a huge stumbling block, the US Department of Agriculture invites ministerial delegations from 180 countries to a tightly controlled meeting with biotech companies. only 75 of the countries accept the invitation (123 of 540 invited delegations) and the EU pulls out at the last minute.  activists come from the whole west coast. there […read the rest]

Apr 142002

Amory Starr roundtable on “directions for the anti-corporate globalization movement” with Bernard Cassen (President of ATTAC, France), Gerald Horne (U of Noth Carolina), Dennis Brutus (Jubilee), Barbara Garson (author), Dot Keet (Institute for African Alternatives) Socialist Scholars Conference Cooper Union New York City 14 April 2002   Who knows why i’m wearing a tutu? Who’s heard of the Blakc Bloc? Pink Bloc? Good. the Prague September 2000 IMF protests was, as far as i’ve been […read the rest]