Apr 142002

Amory Starr roundtable on “directions for the anti-corporate globalization movement” with Bernard Cassen (President of ATTAC, France), Gerald Horne (U of Noth Carolina), Dennis Brutus (Jubilee), Barbara Garson (author), Dot Keet (Institute for African Alternatives) Socialist Scholars Conference Cooper Union New York City 14 April 2002   Who knows why i’m wearing a tutu? Who’s heard of the Blakc Bloc? Pink Bloc? Good. the Prague September 2000 IMF protests was, as far as i’ve been […read the rest]

Oct 102001

“The Role of the University and the Role of Student Power” The University: Fortress or Beacon: Open Forum Colorado State University, 10 October, 2001 I want to start with a quote from the former President of Tanzania, Julius K. Nyerere. “There is, in fact, only one reason why underdeveloped nations like ours establish and maintain universities. We do as an investment in our future. We are spending large and disproportionate amounts of money on a […read the rest]

Sep 262001

naming the “anti-“ Amory Starr confronts globalization by Michelle French Features Editor The Manitoban, 26 September 2001. Amory Starr is an activist and professor of sociology from Colorado State University. She is the author of Naming the Enemy: Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization. Amory spoke at the Mondragon on Saturday, September 8. Picture this: I’m “conducting an interview” with Amory Starr in the back of the Mondragon Bookstore and Coffee House. Besides being interrupted by a […read the rest]

Jun 252000

Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System that Shapes their Lives (2000: Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham) by Jeff Schmidt, a physicist and former editor for Physics Today. In the first months of graduate school at UCSB, Professor Tom Scheff told me that i needed to write down who I was “because you’re going to lose her and you may want her back some day.” I heeded that advice. I also […read the rest]

Apr 182000

Amory on Cincinnati for the Snout, UpRoot Newsletter While the Continental Direct Action Network exhorts us to do anti-oppression organizing on local issues in lieu of mass direct actions, it is clear that we can in fact do both. We have done a lot of local organizing lately and we were able (with the aid of our financial supporters) to participate in the Cincinnati mass action. DAN-C is obsessed with a false dichotomy. We are […read the rest]

Feb 241998

Note: Not so long ago, ecological economics and alternative models were anathema to the US Left. In 1998 I tried to show how various movements around ecological sustainability did express values of the Left. Both Z Magazine (in 1998) and Dollars & Sense (in 2000) rejected this article. Sustainability Update One of the most vibrant international social movements today is sustainable development. Under this conceptual umbrella, new multiracial and cross-class alliances are being built, technologies […read the rest]

Jun 251997

Snake oil or Salvation?: Reconstructing Sociology Amory Starr & Tony Samara, c. 1997 Abstract: In this paper we attempt to respond to community activists’ critiques of academia, and of sociology in particular, focusing primarily on our political inactivity and the seeming contradiction between this inactivity and our rhetoric about our profession. Our concern is with the reasons for our inactivity, and we explore three possible approaches to explaining it. The first section focuses on our […read the rest]