Major publications

2000 naming the enemy anti-corporate movements confront globalization.  Zed Books (This book was completed as my dissertation in June, 1998, well before Seattle WTO n30 1999).

2005 global revolt guidebook to alterglobalization 2005 Zed Books

2004 this is what free trade looks like: the NAFTA fraud in México, the failure of the WTO & the case for global revolt documentary film, 2004 activist media project

Earliest work on this topic

1995 Co-authored with John Rodgers, “On Discourses and Social Movements: Traversing the First World/Third World Development Divide” Journal of Developing Societies XI.1: 74-97.  This was my first journal article, and you can see Naming the Enemy coming. In fact, Naming was conceived with John, but he decided not to stick around the academy to write a dissertation himself so he left me with full responsibility.

1998 “Sustainability Update”, February 1998 written for the Z Magazine community but not accepted for publication. resubmitted to Dollars & Sense, not accepted.

Scholarly Articles

2003 “Anti-globalization: the global fight for local autonomy” by Amory Starr & Jason Adams, New Political Science 25.1 March .

1999 “Anti-Corporatism: An Overview of Resistance to Globalization” January. This is a short, unpublished, summary of Naming the Enemy: Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization (2000: Zed Books, London)

2002 “Naming the Enemy Before Seattle: An Authochthonous Book Review”WorldReview 5:1: 14-16.

2000 “Beyond Panic: Religious Nationalism, Political Economy, and the Blockade against Globalization”, unpublished. September

2001 untitled for Roundtable, Special Section on Anti-Capitalism, Socialist Review 28/3+4: 45-50.

2006 ” ‘…(excepting barricades erected to prevent us from peacefully assembling)’: so-called ‘violence’ in the first world anti-globalization movement” Social Movement Studies 5.1 (written July 2003).

Action Reports

*** all use must cite source. these reports are scholarly work product, not data *** 

Seattle WTO 30 November 1999

Washington DC 16 April 2000 (report lost)

Los Angeles Democratic National Convention August 2000

Cincinnati TABD November 2000

Québec City FTAA 20 & 21 April 2001

Washington DC anti-war 29 & 30 September 2001

New York City World Economic Forum 31 Jan – 3 Feb 2002

Sacramento biotech 22-25 June 2003.

Cancún, México 5th WTO Ministerial September 2003

Miami FTAA november 2003

community publications (partial)

hunted in miami: Free trade in the Americas: the very best in extrajudicial operations” The Commoner n.9 november 2003

Sunstroke in Cancún: WTO Can’t Take the HeatSynthesis/Regeneration 33 (Winter 2004)

This is What Democracy Looks Like” (explanation of “diversity of tactics”), letter to the editor, Santa Barbara Independent, submitted 13 January, 2003.

“A market where you don’t need money!: Creating currencies which serve communities”, The Post: The publication of the Parkland Institute, University of Alberta. Edmonton AB: 2.2: Summer 1998: 6-7.

“Whose FTAA?” article printed in Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, 1 April 2001

“Harbor Lights” context of the Sept 11 attacks on the WTC & Pentagon, The Manitoban, 26 September 2001.

“Why Imperialism is Important” article printed in Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, 1 October 2001

academic lectures

“13 Myths about Globalization” 2006

In 2005, LA Sound Posse, asked me to record my lectures on globalization. The audio is available at Radio4All.

“Get Rid of Them All & Become a Zapatista: Autonomy in the Anti-Globalization Movement” Critical Sociology mini-conference, American Sociological Association, San Francisco, 13 August, 2004.

“Critical Globalization Studies” class lecture 2003

“Confronting Globalization” for Communities Confronting Capitalist Globalization Conference, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 14-16 April, 2000

“Visions of a Post-Corporate Society” for conference by same name, Parkland Institute, Edmonton AB Canada, November 2000.

“The Role of the University and the Role of Student Activism” for University: Fortress or Beacon: Open Forum. 9 October, 2001.

“The International Context of Anti-Globalization: Key Concepts” at Arizona State University Department of Justice Studies, 15 February 2002.

“the new imperialism”, Socialist Scholars Conference, New York City, 13 April 2002.

“roundtable: directions for the anti-corporate globalization movement”, Socialist Scholars Conference, New York City, 14 April 2002

community education (partial)

2017 “”From Seattle, Genoa and Heiligendamm to Hamburg?” Panel discussion organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, 20.June, Knust, Hamburg, also in Hannover and Lüneberg.
2015 “Civil disobedience, direct action, barricades”, Humboldt Institute, 20.February.
2007 “Strategies of Global Struggles”, panel at Symposium on Global resistance and summit protests: critical reflections & future visions”. Transnational Institute, XminY and Dissent-Netherlands at the Crea Theater, Amsterdam. 18 March.
2005 Workshop on Community Organizing and Strategic Action Planning, No Voice student group, Chapman University. 8 October.
2004-2005 Studies for Global Justice, curriculum development, facilitation, and lectures during seminar series “Working People in the Neo-Liberal Era”, UCLA Downtown Labor Center. March-May 2005.
2004 “The anti-globalization movement” at Arise Skillshare, Santa Barbara CA. 31 January.
2003 “History of and Debates in the Anti-Globalization Movement” at Breakdown Books, Denver, 5 July.
2001 “My Lover, His Brother, and the Movement Against Globalization” at Mondragón Cooperative Bookstore 5th Anniversary, invited keynote lecture, Winnipeg, 7 September.
2000 “Resisting Globalization” at Colorado State University, Unitarian Students’ Responsible Consumerism Conference. 29 March.
2000 “Globalization and Resistance” at Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Colorado Annual Statewide Meeting. 25 March.
1999 “Globalization and Colonialism” at Colorado State University, International Week. 11 November.
1999-2002 member of organizing committee for eight University-wide day-long teach-ins


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