activism and democracy

2011 “Participatory Democracy in Action: A comparative study of the Zapatistas and the Movimento Sem Terra”, with María Elena Martinez and Peter Rosset.  Latin American Perspectives 38.1: 102-119.

2009  intermediate version of Participatory Democracy in Action, including the literature review and a third case, the German Autonomen. More about this project.

2003 with the boron collective, mass action handbook getting your community on the road and into the street

2006 “grumpywarriorcool: what makes our movements white?”  in Igniting a Revolution: Voices In Defense of Mother Earth, ed. Anthony J. Nocella & Steven Best. AK Press, Oakland.

2004 “how can anti-imperialism not be anti-racist?: a critical impasse in the anti-globalization movement” Journal of World Systems Research 10.1. Winter 2004.


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