The Case for Conspiracy Theory

By the end of 2021 a great deal of unrelated material had been collapsed together in an attempt to discredit any and all points of view divergent from public health policy. Derogation and censorship have forced intimacy upon subcultures that might otherwise have remained separate. Thanks to the wholesale vilification of “vaccine hesitancy” pacifist alternative health movements find common cause with Trumpist militants and European neo-nazis. They deserve disaggregation.

Review of Oxygen Builder vs. Elementor Pro

I was enthusiastic to try Oxygen Builder, which allows designing your own post gallery in detail (in oxylingo, a “Repeater”). I was also hopeful to make the switch because Oxygen has lifetime pricing, while Elementor is a hefty annual payment. I worked for about 5 weeks, 3-8 hours a day with Oxygen on staging sites of 4 of my websites, replicating the more difficult parts of my Elementor designs. Here’s my full report.

Communicative Immediacy

I lived and worked for two months with a three generation Italian family. To my sensibilities it seemed that everyone was screaming at each other all the time. No one ever communicated something in a[…]


I feel like goldilocks. Every house is either too clean or too dirty for me. The too clean people seem to be avoiding more serious tasks, serving some inherited templates, or punishing themselves for some[…]

Business Cards

In 2021 the prospect of introducing myself triggers me to feign death. I lower my eyelids, hold very still, and breathe carefully in hope that my predator will lose interest or become distracted. Like other[…]


As an artist my days and my walls stand ready, empty. I surround myself with thick blank paper and a blockade to deflect news and noise. On the surfaces ahead of my fingertips, coffee turns[…]

The right to solitude

She’s 26 and her profession seems to be taking sexy photos of herself and keeping track of thousands of likes. Everyone on the farm seems very impressed. She feels sorry for me and constantly invites[…]

Your body is a temple

Originally a Christian concept from Corinthians 6:19 “What? Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God, and that you[…]


I have been looking for a way to connect with people who I can’t dance with. With an otherwise useless man I found connection in the garden, weeding, harvesting, tying. We conflicted terribly in any[…]


All this destructiveness cannot be haphazard. She is angry, at everyone, and herself.

I am an economist who knows that popular understanding of and political power over the economy is crucial to freedom and self-determination of communities. We are engaged in social movements to establish authority over the conditions which affect our lives, the power to protect our ecosystems and cultures, the control to create meaningful work, the right to eat delicious and healthy food, the information to be our own doctors, and the physical and psychological time and space to be creative.

I do not believe we need multinational corporations, supermarkets, genetically modified organisms, or for-profit healthcare organizations to achieve these things. 

I am interested in indigenous cosmologies and visions of development, sustainability and permaculture, alterglobalization, participatory democracy, good work, great food, and creativity.

Love & Rage,